We have staff out caring for family with Covid or at home with Covid themselves, please be patient as YOUR staff are working hard to provide all our wonderful services for you and your families!  Mark

Stop the spread

We are here, normal hours, providing ALL services! Our lobby is closed; so call, email or come through the drive through!

If you receive your statement electronically, then you already have your 1099-Int for income tax reporting for 2020! If you are waiting for a paper statement every month, you may want to consider contacting us so you can also receive your statement FASTER using our E-Statement!  Safe and secure inside home banking. Mark

Have you applied for our Platinum MasterCard credit card?mastercardOur rates are phenomenal!

We offer our members the first 6 months a 3% interest rate!

Just click on the line below!


Did you know you can upload documents securely right to your staff? Just hover over the “Contact Us” button at the top of this page, follow the instructions to simply drag and drop your pay-stubs, ID, photos, or ??? Three boxes will appear, top box for pdf or documents, bottom two boxes for photos.  Super easy and yet so secure!  You can also upload from your cell phone app!

IMPORTANT REMINDER!!   It is critical for fraud detection that we have your current email and cellphone numbers! If you have a change please give us a call to update.  CONTACT US.

It is very important that we have your CELL number on file so that our Fraud company can call or text you when they notice suspicious activity on your card. Keep your address up to date with us too so your cards are mailed to the correct location!

You can check your phone number and other personal data from ItsMe247 home banking.
After you log into home banking click on “Info Center”, on the right you will see “My Preferences”, and right below that you will see “Personal Information”.  Click on “Personal Information” and if you need to Edit anything, just click on “Edit” at the bottom and correct the information.     Mark