MasterCard Debit and Platinum Credit

  • LOST OR STOLEN MasterCard DEBIT CARD: Call 1-800-528-2273
  • Debit Card Fraud: 800-889-5280
  • dispute a debit card item call 1-800-808-6402
  • change your pin # call 1-877-267-6914
  • Credit Card Lost/Stolen: 800-442-4757
  • Credit Card Fraud: 800-238-8604
  • Credit Card Customer Service: 800-622-7747
  • Credit Card Activation: 866-883-8472

Register your MasterCard Debit Card for on-line shopping with vendors that provide secure sites.  You will be able to do a few transactions, but after a few, you will be blocked until you register your card.  This is so that all the security features can be attached to your card for on-line shopping.  If you are trying to make a purchase out of the country, let us know so we can open the “out of the country” feature; we will close it after your purchase.  Out of the country on-line purchases are some of the most un-secure and fraudulent purchases with little to no recovery for losses.