Branch office location:  1018 Sidney Baker St., Kerrville, TX 78028

Office phone number:  830-896-3977/888-898-8078

Lending Dept Cell phone number:  830-353-3884

Fax #:  830-895-3441 

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Credit Union Staff Email Addresses (The following email addresses are not secure for sending confidential information. For confidential information use our Secure Document Upload Form:

  • Debit Card Lost or Stolen: 833-933-1681
  • Debit Card Lost or Stolen intl: 812-647-9794
  • Debit Card Dispute: 866-279-1399
  • Debit Call Center/Support: 501-246-8497
  • Debit Call Center/Support intl: 866-207-9154
  • Debit Card Activation or Pin Change: 833-681-3490
  • Credit Card Lost/Stolen: 833-541-0777
  • Credit Card Customer Service: 833-541-0763
  • Credit Card Activation: 855-527-6675
  • Credit Card Fraud: 855-961-1602
  • Credit Card Dispute: 800-600-5249