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07/14/2020 TUESDAY – OVERCOMING – COVID-19 - March 13, 2020

We miss all y’all’s smiling faces in the office, BUT, we need to continue with our current COVID-19 plan so we can remain healthy to serve all of you.

We are seven staff, working both from home and in the office, using as many precautions as we can to remain healthy for you, for each other, and for our families. As a Critical Business, we have no back up. If one of us becomes infected with ANY virus and shares it with the others in the office, then our 2,000 members and their families are adversely affected.

As all of you know, we are here to serve you and your families. Our pandemic plans are working and we will continue to provide ALL of our services we have in the past; but we must continue to keep our front door closed until we can be assured it is safe for us to do otherwise.


$20 non-refundable application fee gets you started.

Up to $500 with a 4 month payback.

Give us a call to see if you qualify!

Call 830-896-3977 to reach EVERYBODY!

Lending email addresses:

Tony –

Melissa –

Questions?  Email Mark at

Are you using these awesome services?  E-Statements, Home Banking, Cell Apps, P2P, Mobile Alerts, Remote Check Deposit, Free Bill Pay, Worldwide ATM access, On-Line Loan Applications, and electronic document signing, Platinum MasterCard Credit Card, Lines of Credit.

We have you covered in so many ways, just ask, see what YOUR credit union can do for you!

Mark Bigott, Manager

Helpful Links - May 19, 2017

Our Car Shopping Website!

Our Student Choice Undergraduate Line of Credit Website!


Impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic? We’re here to help.

In light of the significant impact and ongoing uncertainty around the Coronavirus pandemic, please know that your well-being and financial needs are our top priorities. With that in mind, in regard to your student loan account we have taken steps to ensure that you have access to the services and personalized support that you may need.

Anytime Access

University Accounting Service (UAS) is the loan servicer for your account and provides 24/7 access to view your student loan information and make payments. (Payments by mail should be sent to University Accounting Service, PO Box 5865, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5865.)

Personalized Support

If you have additional questions regarding your student loan account, or are experiencing difficulties at this time and need to discuss repayment options to keep your account in good standing, please call 800-723-2210 to speak with a servicing agent.

Our HSA Website!
Start your Health Saving Account (HSA) TODAY!


MasterCard Debit and Platinum Credit - October 9, 2013

  • LOST OR STOLEN MasterCard DEBIT CARD: Call 1-800-528-2273
  • Debit Card Fraud: 800-889-5280
  • dispute a debit card item call 1-800-808-6402
  • change your pin # call 1-877-267-6914
  • Credit Card Lost/Stolen: 800-442-4757
  • Credit Card Customer Service: 800-622-7747
  • Credit Card Activation: 866-883-8472


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