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Closed Monday 12/25 for Christmas - February 7, 2023

We have so much to be thankful for as members of Texhillco! While we continue to grow and maintain our financial strength, we have been able to provide you, our members, quality services with awesome staff. Speaking of staff, we welcome Dana White as our new Loan Officer. Be sure to introduce yourselves to her the next time you come in.

We have had the privilege to assist several members this year as they dealt with difficult family situations. We can be proud that your board of directors focuses on our credit union family’s needs ahead of profit, to “do what is right”.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, we can all show our thanks by going above and beyond what is asked for and show kindness and mercy to those in need. May you all be richly touched as you touch the lives of others.

We will be closed Monday December 25th for Christmas.


Our credit card program is now in-house! If you don’t have our Platinum card, maybe you should! Easy access and making payments right from our cell app; turn it on and off as needed! Ready to pay as “Chip”, tap, or in your wallet! For any immediate concerns or questions about your credit card account, please give us a call at 830-896-3977.

Remember – your 2023 1099 Tax form will be included with your statement. If you are not getting our E-Statement which arrives at the 1st of each month, call us to sign you up! Otherwise, you are waiting for USPS delivery. Statements are available in your home banking for ease of review and downloading.  1099 INT instructions to recipient

Several of our members have been trapped by fraudsters. We cannot emphasize enough to exercise caution when shopping on-line or over the phone. Just because someone calls you and knows your name, does not mean they are legitimate. Scammers will try to convince you they are the real deal; sometimes by threatening you! When in doubt, or if a deal sounds too good to be true, or you are threatened…Hang UP, or close your computer browser.

Pay attention to our fraud department’s text messages! If you get a text message from our fraud department asking if you spent money at a place you didn’t spend it, text back “NO” and the transaction will be stopped in its tracks!

Stay in control of your money and your life; use the tools we provide!

Christmas Loans are still available! Last day to make your request is December 23rd. But don’t wait till the last minute!

You must be a member for at least a year, $20 non-refundable application fee, borrow up to $800, 7-month payback, first payment due 1/28/24, set rate of 14% and loan payment has to be setup on ach/aft/payroll.


Veronica Gonzales

Consolidate, refinance, and/or transfer your debt to YOUR credit union! - March 13, 2020


OR EMAIL US – LOAN MANAGER – Veronica Gonzales

Did you see our announcement about our Platinum Credit Card? If you don’t have your credit union’s MasterCard, you are probably paying too much interest! Apply for our Platinum MasterCard credit card! Our rates are phenomenal!

Applying for a loan and opening accounts can all be performed online, very quickly,safely and efficiently.  You can upload documents securely right to our staff by utilizing the “Upload secure documents” button on the top of each of our web pages. Follow the instructions to simply drag and drop your paystubs, ID, etc. Three boxes will appear, top box for pdf or documents, bottom two boxes for photos.  Super easy and yet so secure!  You can also upload from your cell phone app!

So, fill out your loan application online, or open a new account and experience the Texhillco solutions to your financial wellbeing TODAY!

Hot topics!

  1. Be sure to keep your Texhillco cell app updated to the latest version!  Update in your cell store.
  2. You can now place your Texhillco MasterCard Credit Card in your cell wallet. Make purchases without taking your card out. More and more vendors in the Kerrville area are updating their payment devices to be In Your Wallet compatible.  I was at the Valero pump the other day and their chip reader wasn’t working, I was able to pay with my watch! Pretty cool.  If you don’t have a Texhillco MasterCard Credit Card, call our lending department (830)896-3977 or email: Veronica at
  3. We are moving forward with the Debit Card in your wallet in the very near future followed by Tap to Pay debit!
  4. Instant Issue debit cards will be here, we hope, by September 2023!

IMPORTANT REMINDER!!   It is critical for fraud detection that we have your current email and cell phone numbers! Update from ItsMe247 home banking, click on Preferences!  Or you can just give us a call 830-896-3977.  CONTACT US.

Texhillco Motto: “Where people are worth more than Money”

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MasterCard Debit and Platinum Credit - October 9, 2013

  • Debit Card Lost or Stolen: 833-933-1681
  • Debit Card Lost or Stolen intl: 812-647-9794
  • Debit Card Dispute: 866-279-1399
  • Debit Call Center/Support: 501-246-8497
  • Debit Call Center/Support intl: 866-207-9154
  • Debit Card Activation or Pin Change: 833-681-3490
  • Credit Card Lost/Stolen: 833-541-0777
  • Credit Card Customer Service: 833-541-0763
  • Credit Card Activation: 855-527-6675
  • Credit Card Fraud: 855-961-1602
  • Credit Card Dispute: 800-600-5249

MasterCard participates in the new EMV 3-D Secure Tokenization

If you are trying to make a purchase out of the country, let us know so we can open the “out of the country” feature; we will close it after your purchase.  Out of the country on-line purchases are some of the most un-secure and fraudulent purchases with little to no recovery for losses.

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