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Latest News and Events - March 13, 2020

The 2022 school year is just around the corner! Starting July 15th we will be offering back to school loans up to $500, with a four month payback! Are you a new hire within our field and need a jump start for your supplies? New hire loans are now available up to $2000, with a ten month payback! Contact Veronica or Patsy to see what they can do for you. Call (830)896-3977 or email:

WHAT WE ARE DOING TO KEEP YOUR FUNDS SAFE, WHAT WE ARE DOING TO HELP YOU DURING THESE DIFFICULT TIMES:  We have always been on the cutting edge using the latest technology to protect your data and your money. Texhillco was even featured in a Credit Union Magazine as a model of how to be pro-active with IT Security. Your credit union utilizes dual firewalls, data redundancy, multi backup sites that are tested 2x a year, data traffic monitored 24/7/365, stringent IT & Security Audits and state of the art fraud detection. Being a small financial institution is actually a benefit, as most of you know, we actually KNOW our members; you are not just a number to us.

We can complete your loan remotely, saving you time and travel!
APPLY for a loan!!!

Log into eZCardNew credit card website is also your cell phone app!  It is really cool and easy to navigate. from your desktop and from your cell browser (just save to your cell home page)

Undergrad Student Loan!

Student Loan Refinance!

Have you applied for our Platinum MasterCard credit card?

mastercardOur rates are phenomenal!

We offer our members for the first 6 months a 3% interest rate!


APPLY for a credit card!!!

Are you a little short in your funding for college?  Consider our Student Loan Program!

Student Choice Credit Union        APPLY for a school loan!!!

 We just saved a Texhillco member $800 a month with a debt consolidation loan; another is getting new dental implants with a personal loan, and still another had an emergency and receive a fast loan to get to their loved one! What can we do for you? 


LOAN OFFICER – Patsy Becker

LOAN MANAGER – Veronica Gonzales

Lending and opening accounts can all be performed on line, very quickly and efficiently.  You can upload documents securely right to our staff by utilizing the “Upload secure documents” button on the top of each of our web pages. So, fill out your loan application online, or open a new account and experience the Texhillco solutions to your financial well being TODAY!

Follow the instructions to simply drag and drop your pay-stubs, ID, photos, or ??? Three boxes will appear, top box for pdf or documents, bottom two boxes for photos.  Super easy and yet so secure!  You can also upload from your cell phone app!

Welcome to Patsy Becker, our new loan officer!

Texhillco Motto: “Where people are worth more than Money”

IMPORTANT REMINDER!!   It is critical for fraud detection that we have your current email and cellphone numbers! Update from ItsMe247 home banking, click on Preferences! Or,  give us a call.  CONTACT US.

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MasterCard Debit and Platinum Credit - October 9, 2013

  • Debit Card Lost or Stolen: 833-933-1681
  • Debit Card Lost or Stolen intl: 812-647-9794
  • Debit Card Dispute: 866-279-1399
  • Debit Call Center/Support: 501-246-8497
  • Debit Call Center/Support intl: 866-207-9154
  • Debit Card Activation or Pin Change: 833-681-3490
  • Credit Card Lost/Stolen: 833-541-0777
  • Credit Card Customer Service: 833-541-0763
  • Credit Card Activation: 833-541-0770
  • Credit Card Fraud: 855-961-1602
  • Credit Card Dispute: 800-600-5249
  • Credit Card Website eZCard: 866-604-0380

MasterCard participates in the new EMV 3-D Secure Tokenization

If you are trying to make a purchase out of the country, let us know so we can open the “out of the country” feature; we will close it after your purchase.  Out of the country on-line purchases are some of the most un-secure and fraudulent purchases with little to no recovery for losses.

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